Experience Story

Beloved was sentenced to a year. The only crime was the eldest of three days in the sweltering afternoon servants of the nation had to stop to drink syrup. At that time I was standing in the court. The political consciousness of the whole city out of the room like a caged animal was standing and screaming. I brought plagued by Hthkdion Prandn. There was silence all around. I was the cry, as if life is being melted. Waves of up-rising charge-C provides all the body had been thrilled. Oh, I never had so much pride. That court, sitting on pedestal British officer, red brocade Pgdiya binds all employees of the police were in my eyes seem trivial. G did repeatedly, fell at the feet of running life-riches let go and died in the same direction. How cool, imperturbable, glory and pride was illuminated sculpture. Guilt, depression, or there was a shadow of mourning. No, those lips filled with a range Mnoharini, vigorous smile. One year imprisonment for the crime difficult! Wow Ray Justice! Teri is Balihari! I was willing to do a thousand crimes. Prannath walking once he looked at me, some Muskraye, then his posture became rigid. I’ve returned from the court summoned five bucks and volunteers fed dessert called for. And evening I attended the first congress party attended Hui did not go on stage and said, and took vows of Satyagraha. Where the strength came from my soul, can not say. Once again the skeptics who fear plundered and whose supreme. Creator of the hard-to-severe trauma harm could happen to me now?


The other day I gave two strings. A father, father-to second. Father in law used to get pensions. Father of the forest department were on good terms; Were passing on all day, missing wire answer! The second day, no response. The letter came on the third day, Mahashyon. Both were out of chariots. Father-wrote – hope, I will follow you into old age. And you hope to shatter. What do you want now, I Maaguँ alms. I am able to state pension. I will give you shelter from the hand can not wash your pension. Dad’s words were not so hard, was almost as if the gesture. He was also the year will receive the grade. He will call me, it’s possible, you have to be deprived of the grade. Yes, he was willing to help me verbally. I have not written any letter to both the letter and gave torn. Ha selfishness! How strong is your illusion! His own father, only to fear the disruption of self-interest, on behalf of the girl should be so cruel. My father from his daughter should be so indifferent! But now, what is my age! So now the whole world has been watching.

By now I was confident in my subject; But now it has a new worry riders. The uninhabited house, unfounded, how defenseless I will. But where to go? If a man, then go to the ashram of Congress, or assumes any sanction. She was at my feet cuffs of womanhood. Was not so worried about your defense, as his defense of womanhood. Was not concerned about his own life; Not someone’s eye on demand should be sent to womanhood.

I looked down to find a sound. Two men were standing. G came to ask who you are. Why are you standing here? But thought, asking me what right? General way. Whose soul stood.

I was knocking. No doubt that the heart could not remove. He was a spark like a heart fit inside.

Fuँki body was warmly; I on the door of the room locked from the inside. House was a large knife. Head, took it out. He would appear to doubt sitting in front gazing.

Someone called out. My coat stood. I gave ear to the door. Someone was knocking at my latch. Dhak-Dhak took heart. Both are the same crooks. Why are knocking latch? What is me? I came tantrums. I opened the door and stood on the balcony loudly spoken, who is Kdkdha latch? Hearing my surmise was quiet. How much courage it! It was Gian Chand Babu. There is no light in them, much to my husband’s friends. I opened the door. Saw was a woman. She was Mrs. Gian Chand. It was bigger than me. At first, I had come home. I touched her feet. Until there is only men of our friendship. Women could not go.

Both came up hers! Babu knowledge in a school master. A very generous, learned, sincere, but today I know that his path-Pradrshika them are female. That’s double breasted, brilliant woman. It was awe in the face, as if a queen. Laden with ornaments from head to toe. The home was beautiful even without appealing. Maybe I see them elsewhere; Then she turned away. Statue of pride was lively; She harsher, the same kind.

“A written home?” He reluctantly agreed to this question.

I said yes, it was written.

“Nobody is coming to? ‘

“Not really. Dad would not retain, not father-in. ”


“Then, I was here just now.”

“Why don t my house? I will not be alone in this house. ”

“Till this moment the two men have intelligence.”

“I was already understood, will be the man of the intelligence.”

Knowledge of Babu wife looked as if his voice, so I went and told rallicar bring?

The lady looked like, as if saying, what you just stand here?

Master Sir secretly moved towards the door.

“Ma’am Thro’- Bolin- bring Cai tanga?

‘Cai’ Master Honor were puzzled.

Yes Cai! Only three carriages sit on a tanga. Receptacle, bed, pot-Baँde go over my head? ”

Then come two takes top honor .’- said timidly.

“How much stuff in a tanga over him?”

“If it takes three, why? ‘

‘You will then also. One small thing to put an hour. ”

I did not say anything, how that knowledge Babu walked. Sister said I was afraid, and you will suffer from my …

The sharp tone lady said yes, then of course. In June, the bread dough you both eat two or three rooms in a corner of the airport shall submit, at the head of the oil Dalogi. What a pain it is! ‘

If you are making ablush I said. ”

The image of the generous gesture when your dad said, clutching my shoulder, returned Aven; So I just need to keep your home. My loss will be completed. Now has agreed. Let’s tuck upholstery. Bed-watt tomorrow will order some. ”


I had such a gentle, generous, sweet woman who did not speak. I’m her younger sister, then perhaps it is not well at heart. Anxiety or anger, then as he had won. His face was always played good humor. Bala was not a boy, but I did not give them unhappy. Johnny had to work to keep up. Do all by himself inside. By eating so little and so hard that he was able-bodied, I can not say. So you’re not the same as their destiny was written. The sun was not Letti brother! Yes, I do not do something, something to look at him when riders head to feed. That was a problem for me.

But eight days were spent sitting down one day I saw them both Khufion. Tnka my forehead. It is unfortunate that persecute me here. I immediately told Sister crook here they are hovering.

He said contemptuously dogs. Two movements.

Do not build a farce I quote alarmed.

Bolin- Bhuँkne same regardless of what else can you do?

I said then that can also bite.

The fear is not a part laughingly Bolin- not! ‘

Another week has passed. Intelligence, did not object. Drying my life were. Seemed unfair to me to be here in such a case; Some of the lady could not say.

Babu came one evening knowledge, then was dazed. I was in the corridor. Parwal was peeling. Knowledge Babu room and beckoned the image.



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