Coward Man Story

The young man’s name was Keshav, Prema young woman. Both were students of the same college and the same class. Keshav new ideas was a young man, of the bonds of caste opponent. Prema was convinced the old rites, the old norms and customs, holding faith; But love was condensed into two. And it was popular in many colleges. Keshav Brahmin and Vaishya too old Prema wanted by marrying my life worthwhile. He did not care for his parents. Total farce-it seemed the idea of ​​dignity. Truth for him was nothing, it was love; But Joanna’s parents and family against the order of the one-step was also impossible.

Its evening time. Victoria-park two faced off in the boonies sitting on greenery. Walkers have disappeared one by one; But these are just sitting there. They have waged an affair, which somehow does not end.

Chandra said angrily This means that you do not care for me?

Prema tried to calm him, and said, you’re being unfair to me, Keshav! But in front of this issue Cedun parents, I do not understand it. They are devotees of the old Rudiyhon. Heard such a thing from me all that in mind, will Concerns, you can imagine them?

Keshav asked a furious gesture-then you are a slave of the same old stereotypes?

Prema said filling his big eyes soft-affection-no, I’m not his slave, but the will of the parents is valid over all things for me.

“Your personality is not? ‘

“Let’s get it. ‘

“I think that these are only for fools Dkosle; But now that you know, like a Vidusiya their worship. When I am ready to leave the world for you, so you’d hope the same. ”

Prema thought in mind, you have a right to my own body. The parents have created my own blood, and brought him to his affection, to act against their wishes no right.

He humbly said Keshav same as what men and women can live in love, not friendship? I understand the spirit of the band.

Chandra said-in the strict sense of the philosophical ideas Will you make me mad, Prema! Just so I understand this despair can not survive. I’m positivist, and enjoying direct world of fantasies for me is impossible.

Prema’s hand caught out by saying he tried to. Prema hand tremors and speech-not redeemed Keshav, I have to say that I am not free. The thing that you do not ask me which is no right.

Even if Chandra Prema are harsh words to her so sad had happened. From the moment he sat killed a mind, then got up and said in a tone of gloom-‘jasi you wish! Ahista Ahista-raising measures which went from there. She is still sitting there, tears were shed.


Dinner with her mother, and when she is lying down, then did not sleep in his eyes. Keshav was telling him one thing, like the flickering shadows falling in the water was flashed through his heart. His appearance had changed minutely. She could not stand him. The mother says something about how? Shame yielding mouth shut. He thought, if my marriage with Keshav duty what happened to me at that time. If Chandra Uddndta cast some of the world for me, then what will be left; But just what is mine. Like-internalized these ideas in her mind was fixed on one thing, and that was that Keshav but she will not marry.

Asked his mother what you did not sleep yet? How many times have I said to you that there was a little house work; But you do not get from books overtime. You will be home in four days, a stranger, who knows what at home. If something is not used to working, then how would indwelling?

I naively said Prema own, why go home?

That’s for the girls mother said with a smile is the greatest evil, dear! Palkar had matured in the lap of a parent as soon as others are. If the good being met, then cut off from the rest of life, not weeping amputated day. Everything is subject to fate. So I do not pleasing in his fraternity house. Somewhere not respect girls; But the community will have to do. Not when it will break the bond of caste?

Prema timidly bidding elsewhere are beginning to marry outside the community!

He was asked to say; But his heart was trembling mother not Jayँ some sense.

Mother asked with amazement at what has happened Hindus!

He gave you the answer to that question-as-you-and two-four place was happening, then what happens to him?

Prema did not answer some of the fear that parents understand the meaning, not Jayँ somewhere. His future in front of him like a dark trench mouth stood open, the values ​​will be swallowed him.

He went to sleep not knowing when.


Morning woke up in Prema, in his mind, was the emergence of a bizarre adventure. All important decisions we have taken at random, like a divine power takes us to pull them; The same condition was Prema. Until yesterday he was considered valid by the decision of the parents, in the face of the crisis on the strength of the wind was born, which has come to the mountain front. Head up to the mountain of the slow air velocity is dominant and the other side was going to trample it arrives. Thinking mind-as if she is, it is the parent body; But the soul is mine. My soul will have to suffer whatever, he will have to suffer from the same body. Now he is not only unfair to the subject hesitate, it was fatal. Why sacrifice your life to honor a false? She wondered if the basis for marriage is not love, it is the sale of body. Why might surrender without love? Not only that of the imagination, which will be unfamiliar to her marriage to the young man, taking her heart revolted.

He was reading some breakfast and called his father loved you yesterday, I went to the principal, they were praising your elder.

Prema simple gesture said-you have said so casually.

‘Not really.’

He opened his desk drawer, saying, take a picture and show it was embedded in the frames Velvet, said-it was Ldkha 0 0 C 0 S came first in the examination. So you will hear its name?

The old father had tied a role meant that the mother could not understand, but she is aware of it! Arrows, and came into his mind like a target. He said, not without seeing the picture, I have not heard his name.

Father said in mock surprise you! You did not hear his name? His images chronicling life in today’s daily paper is printed.

Prema will coldly responded, but I do not consider it worthwhile test. I understand, people who sit in the examination of the head thereof are selfish. After all, what is their purpose besides his poor, poor, downtrodden brothers and plenty to rule Save Money. The purpose of life is not a high.

The objection was jealous, was injustice; Was mercilessly. Father was understood, Prema loved it shall declare the hearing. Hearing the answer, said in a scathing tone as if you are doing things you do not have any value for the money and authority.

Prema said forwardly-yes, I do not consider the price. I see the man in the sacrifice. I know that young men, who should also be given the job force, would not accept.

The father said to ridicule the way today I listened to the new. I’ll look for the small jobs are dead-dead wandered. I just want to see the boy’s face, which is so much sacrifice. I will worship him.

Hearing these words, perhaps on another occasion her head bowed with shame Prema; His condition at this time was that of the soldier, to be followed by a deep ditch. There was no way for him to move forward, but. Its charge was to suppress sparingly, eyes full revolt, he went to his room, and Keshav selecting a picture he brought many of the pictures, which was the worst in his eyes, and put it in front of the father. Old father wanted to see the picture a sense of neglect; But he caught the first sight. His stature was tall and lean even formed, was to give health and restraint. The home was not sharp on the talent; It was a reflection of the thinking, who had confidence in him.

He asked, looking at the picture whose picture?

Prema said modestly bowed read in my own class.

“Do your own community?”

Prema’s Mukmudraa became clouded. His fate will be decided on the answer to this question. I regret that in his mind the image unusable brought here. For a moment it had been firmly, before he gingerly went into sharp question. Higher-‘ji muffled voice, he Brahmin. ” And say it was out of the room as well as Anguished values ​​being glazed and his throat in the air here in the shadow of the wall and started crying.

Lalaji was angered that she is the first to say, it is impossible to clear him. They came to the door in anger, but were humbled by Prema crying. What this young man’s mind a sense of Prema, it was not hidden from them. They all were supporters of female education; But it also wanted to protect the dignity. Worthy of its own nation for God could have given the supreme; But outside of that area from the elite of the elite and be unbearable for them eligible groom had imagined. They could not imagine a greater humiliation.

He stopped going to college today said stern tone two, if education only teaches the dignity sink, then mis-education.

Prema-test approach is gingerly called the gorge.

Let Lalaji said firmly.

And then drowned in your room and views.


Six months have passed.

Lalaji solitary wife called and said he went into the house, as far as I know, Keshav is very gentle and talented young man. I understand she is in mourning this blend will dissolve died. You also explained, as I explained, others explained; But he would not have any effect on. In this case, and what is for us.

His wife will then be told the anxious expressions; But where will you? Not knowing where it came into my womb Kulchcni?

He said with disdain Sikodkhr Lalaji Bven have heard it a thousand times; But where in the name of dignity to the cry. The hope that the opening of a bird in the courtyard you will Fudkti confusion. I look at it on the cold heart and concluded that we must accept Apddharm. The name of the dignity I could not kill Prema. World smiling, laughed; But that era is coming soon, when they will break all ties. Even today, hundreds have Todkhr bonds of caste marriage. The purpose of the marriage of man and woman is a happy life, we can not ignore Prema.

Anguished by the old saying-when you wish, you ask me to do? But I’ll say that I will not close the marriage, nor ever will see the mouth of the wench, it will, like all the boys died, also died.

“Then what the hell are you to say? ‘

‘Why do not marry that boy, what’s the harm in it? He shall come to pass in two years Srvis civil. What’s Near Keshav, will greatly shall be a clerk in the office. ”

“And if she is dead-dead, then?”

So take, you give him and incitement? When he did not care about us, so we do tarnished his name, why? Soul-killing is not a game. It is threatening. The mind is the horse, not let him until the bridle, Pu_e on hand will not keep. When the condition of his mind, so who says, as well as life-long indwelling Keshav said. The way love him today, so tomorrow could be another one. So what do you want the cards to vend their meat?

Lalaji said the woman question-pointer sight-seeing and go ourselves Keshav married tomorrow, then what will you do? Then there will be respect you so much. He is so out of a hesitant, or in terms of the people we’re sitting casually; Bind the insistence on the hip, we-you can not do anything.

The problem could also be a horrific end, it was not in the focus of this geezer. This question, like bomb shells fell on her head. Sit for a moment he was speechless ï, which values ​​the shock was blown to pieces by his wisdom. Then defeated the same fantasies and curiosities Sujti you are bidding. I have never ever heard yesterday that his desire is married to a noble.

“You do not hear; But I have heard and seen, and it is very possible. ”

The day will do; On that day you shall not see me win. ”

“I’m not saying that would happen soon; But is possible. ”

“So be it, so it’s good that you arrange for it to Hmin. When the nose is cut, then why not cut with a sharp knife. Yesterday called Keshav see what it says. ”


Government Pensioner’s father Keshav was irritable and miserly mood. Admberon religion in their minds was peace. Was the lack of imagination. The mood could not respect anyone. They still lived in the world, which he had cut the days of his childhood and youth. They were called the growing wave of new age holocaust, and at least as hard as your home with both hands and both feet were just want to save; So when the day came to him and Keshav from Prema Prema’s father proposed marriage, the old priest could not in itself. Fadkhr blurry eyes snapped-dissolve if you are eating? Such a relationship and no matter what happened, is not marriage. Seemingly, you caught wind of the New Generation.

The old Babu-ji said politely that I myself do not like this relationship. In this regard I have the same idea, you; The thing that has befallen on me was forced to come to your service. Nowadays many of the boys and girls have been arbitrary, then you already know it. We old people have now made it difficult to defend their principles. I fear that somewhere, not on your life, both disappointed Jayँ game.

Stomp their feet on the ground, the old priest thundered, what you say, sir! You do not feel shame? We also elite Brahmins and Brahmins. Brahmins declare how degenerate, that are not so modest-zero-Bkkalon of tradespeople to marry Ldkhi turn again The day will not be the elite Brahmins girls, that day may present problems. I say, you dare say that to me?

The same old Babuji were buried, the priest was deteriorating. Lalaji could not endure even more abuse, and curse their fate and left.

At the same time, Chandra came from college. The priest immediately called him and said-I heard harsh gorge, you have your marriage has Ldkhi of tradespeople. Where is the news right?

Chandra asked, Who told you to be ignorant?

‘Somebody said. I ask this thing right, or not? If done right, and you have decided to dip their dignity, then there is no place for you in our house. Dela you do not get one of my earnings. I have everything in my earnings, I assume that I’d want him, give it. You can not step into my house and immorality. ”

Keshav father was familiar with nature. Prema loved him. He secretly wanted to marry Prema! If parents always remain seated. Affection of parents believed him. In the wave of love that seemed designed to withstand all the sufferings; But like a coward in front of shotgun soldier loses courage and step removes those conditions were Keshav. Like the general principles for the big boys could argue, tongue could call upon them by their devotion; But it was not in the power of suffering affliction. If he stuck to his insistence and his father laid Tech, where his place will it take? Her life will be destroyed.

He said it is muted, you said-which, of course lied.

The priest said he saw the sharp eyes then this news is absolutely wrong?

“Yes, absolutely wrong.”

“At the same time her tradespeople write to you today and remember that if two such discussion ever arose again, then will become your greatest enemy. Just go.

Keshav and could not say anything. He walked, it seemed that the legs do not work.


Keshav named Prema wrote this letter the other day

‘Dear Keshav!’

Pujya Lalaji with your father who is rude and abusive behavior, his recent hearing in my mind is very confusing. Maybe he told you also reprimand scolding-will, in that case I’ll be perplexed to hear your decision. I’m willing to suffer with you all the way. I do not desire for the property of your father, I just want your love and I am pleased that. Come here, eat this evening. Grandfather and mother are both very keen to meet you. I am happy to see the vision that we both mesmerizing Jayँge that formula, which do not rupture. Larger-than-even in the biggest objection is firm.



Was evening and did not respond to this letter. His mother would ask again and again-not come Keshav? Lala also sat the entrance to the old eye fitted. Even nine o’clock at night, but neither occurred Keshav, not their letters.

Prema internalized-internalized in the minds of the resolution were up-option, perhaps they did not have the leisure to write, or did not have time to come today, will be tomorrow will come. Chandra wrote love letters to him before that, he then read them all. How much passion was dripping from his every word, how much they had tremors, nervousness, how, how intense aspiration! Keshav’s sentence then they remember; He often spoke of hundreds. How many times he had cried in front of him. So where was the evidence of the frustration, but I still hung on the cross as his mind all night.

In the morning came the answer Keshav. Prema trembling hands over the letter read. The letter fell from the hand. It seemed as if his body’s blood has stabilized. wrote-

“I am very upset, what should I answer you? I have plenty on hand, cold heart of the problem considered and concluded that current conditions for my father’s command to ignore grief co. I do not understand coward. I’m not selfish, but what I see is not in me power to overcome those obstacles. Forget the old things. At that time I did not imagine these barriers! ”

Prema has a long, deep, burning breath taken and thrown Fadkhr letter. Asrudhar started flowing from his eyes. The Chandra his inward bridegroom was taken, he shall be so brutal, it was her hope ounce. It appeared as though, yet he was a golden dream; Open eye on everything she disappeared. In life, when hope was lost, then what else is darkness! Ldwayi by all the substance of his heart he was a boat, the boat was submerged. Who’s there Ldwaye second boat; If he has broken the boat with him he would be drowned.

Keshav’s mother asked him what is the letter?

Prema look to the ground, and said yes, his health is not good and what to say except that? Keshav’s ruthlessness and the courage to be ashamed of adultery, saying it was not news.

Dndhon day’s work she was engaged in, as if it is not a concern. He fed all night, and the food itself was very late on the harmonium and sing.

But dawn came, his body was lying in his room. The aura of the golden rays of dawn provide life were her yellow face.



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