Checkout Entireweb – New Search Engine




EntireWeb, popularly known as a third rate search engine – a relic of the meta search engines of
the mid 1990s, has revamped its search engine to potentially compete with the likes of Google and
Bing. The design of the page is a lot cleaner, and it clearly borrows from Ask and Bing’s
frontpage layout – including the ability to change the background skin.

There’s nothing special to it’s new search engine, especially with it’s claims of including real-time results from Wikipedia, Twitter and a few other micro social sites.

Another “feature” in Entireweb’s new image search is the possibility to go directly to the source image from the search results page.

Overall, I don’t think it will be attracting any new market share, from Google or Bing. Their best bet is to go after the 5-12% that are using non-major search engines like Ask, DogPile and other former relics of a search engine.


Entireweb – New Search Engine



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