BigQuery Wiki – RESTful Web Service

BigQuery Wiki – RESTful Web Service

BigQuery is a fast RESTful web service that enables interactive analysis of massively large data sets working in conjunction with Google Storage. It is an Infrastructure as a Service that may be used complementarily with MapReduce.


Overview :

Language : English

Owner : Google

Registration : Required

Website :

Type : Infrastructure as a service

Launched : May 19, 2010

Current status : Active

Key Features :

  • Managing data – create and delete tables based on a JSON-encoded schema, import data encoded as CSV or JSON from Google Storage.
  • Query – the queries are expressed in a standard SQL dialect and the results are returned in JSON with a maximum reply length of approximately 128 MB, or an unlimited size when large query results are enabled.
  • Integration – BigQuery can be used from Google Apps Script(e.g. as a bound script in Google Docs), or any language that can work with its REST API or client libraries.
  • Access control – is possible to share data sets with arbitrary individuals, groups, or the world.

Trivia :

  • After a limited testing period in 2010, BigQuery was generally available in November 2011 at the Google Atmosphere conference.
  • In 2014, MapR introduced the Apache Drill project, which was meant to solve similar problems.
  • BigQuery provides an external access to the Dremel technology, a scalable, interactive ad hoc query system for analysis of read-only nested data.

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