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Best Free Web Hosts

Best Free Web Hosts


Best Free Web Hosts –

The following is a list of free web hosts, that offer credible services that will more than likely help you get started on running and promoting your idea. All of the sites listed have decent to good uptime, sufficient resources, and generally contain no advertisements. While your launching your website, you can use these hosts to begin with and as you get popular or start increasing in traffic you can always move on to a paid host of your choosing.


P4O Free Hosting – I’m not fully sure what the P4O in P4O Hosting stands for, but this service offers free web hosting services that include 6gb of bandwidth, 250mb of space, ability to send e-mails, domain and subdomain support, CURL, PHP, MYSQL,   Dynamic scripting, Automatic Script Installers (wordpress, joomla, drupal), outgoing connections and even email on your domain. There are no ads at all on this service, and it features automatic activation for signup. This is a really good free web host to start off on, as it also lets you have friendly htacess enabled urls with wordpress or whatever content management system you decide to use. They have strict filters to block out riff-raff and spam/doorway pages so the servers are quite fast compared to some of the other free hosts that will be mentioned on this list.


X10 Hosting –  From what I gather, it’s a post to host service, which means you’ll need to sign up to their forum and then create your account. You will need to make a few posts every month including logging in every 2 weeks to ensure your account is kept enabled. If you don’t login once every 2 weeks, your account will be suspended temporarily and you’ll have to login and submit a request to re-enable it.

They offer cpanel hosting, and you can pick your package – some of which require ads in addition. The servers are reasonably fast at non-peak hours, but can be a tad slow to process sql commands throughout the day.

Uptime is ok, as their is regular downtime on this host, but the features offered are great with PHP, MySQl, htaccess and domain support.


Free Hostia / Awardspace – I think these hosts are the same, but they’re worth mentioning. Along with the rest of sites on this list, they have no ad requirements. You get PHP, and about 2 Mysql Databases and domain support.


000WebHost – On the looks of it they offer free hosting with lots of features (php, mysql, outgoing connections, delayed sendmail) with no ads.The problem is that 000WebHost suffers from such slow loading speeds and your site will often be inaccessible and display a page stating “Server Over Loaded Error” or something to that effect.It’s a free host that could have been great if not for the slow server and over stuffing of the servers with free accounts.


Free Site Host – This is a fairly decent host, that offers the basics of php, mysql, database support. It’s perfect for blogs, forums and simple static websites. It’s perfect for those looking to try out a script or test the waters with a personal blog.


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