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Adknowledge, Inc., a digital advertising technology company, provides digital marketing services to brands, agencies, publishers, and developers in the United States and internationally. The company uses diverse sources of data to place ads via digital video, social media, apps and mobile, content recommendation, and email.


It offers AdParlor, a social and video advertising platform that integrates into the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube ads API platforms; Adknowledge, a pay-per-click platform; AdBistro, a platform that allows customised ad placements and competitive payouts; Giant Media, a native video platform; and YARPP, a content recommendation platform.

Company Overview of Adknowledge, Inc. :

  • Categories : Advertising, Apps, Content Discovery, Mobile, Social Media, Video
  • Headquarters Regions : Midwestern US
  • Founded : 2002
  • Founders : Scott Lynn
  • Operating Status : Active
  • Number of Employees : 251-500

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Trivia :

Adknowledge’s marketplace allows advertisers to bid for traffic on websites, email and smaller search engines. Publishers can show Adknowledge ads by utilising AdStation on their website, email list or search engine.

Company is based in Kansas City, Missouri. It has additional locations in New York, New York; Los Angeles, California; Fort Myers, Florida; Detroit, Michigan; Toronto, Canada; São Paulo, Brazil; London, United Kingdom; Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand; Mumbai and New Delhi, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea; and Manila, the Philippines.

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