Rio Olympics 2016: Iraq’s only Boxer

Rio Olympic boxer Wahid Abdrio olympics 2016 iraq boxerereda, says he won the chance to celebrate their Deshwashion want to. He prepare for the challenge of preparing for the Olympics in Baghdad hit by terrorism is not an easy thing. Boxing are preparing Wahid Wahid saw many people think that, like other soldiers are preparing for war. The base camp for 33 years in the military are preparing for the Olympic Wahid Clalifai the only Iraqi boxer. World Championship bronze medal in the Olympic Wahid arrived many had to suffer. Wahid says: “Despite the difficulties, I won a bronze medal in the World Championship, which was not easy. I also qualified for the Olympics. Despite not training facility I qualified. However, some people encouraged me. ” Abbas also shedding sweat trainer features despite Wahid for medals in 75 kg category with his trainer Abbas are sweating heavily. The name of the threat to his life in Iraq is getting prominence but for their country flag waving in Olympic are ready to meet this challenge. He says that any player in Iraq, but we always run the risk of life and defeat terrorism Lhraange flags of Iraq. ” Iraq is the only Olympic medal from Abbdul Wahid Aziz, Weight lifting was won in 1960 in Rome . Wahid Olympic medal win in the boxer, his name will be recorded in history.


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